SmartNet License Information

What kind of data services are offered on SmartNet?

SmartNet Aus provides high-precision, high-availability Network Real Time corrections and Static corrections for any application, using any constellation, while at the same time being open to all. SmartNet prides ourselves on providing indrustry standard corrections such as RTCM 3.1 Master-Auxillary Correction and RINEX data files for post-processing applications. Using our online registration process, you can register for the following:

What are Real Time Corrections?

SmartNet Aus is available to anyone with any make of GPS/GNSS receiver that can accept RTK or DGPS corrections broadcast by CDMA or GPRS (Mobile phone Internet) from industry standard RTCM 3.1 or 2.3 formats. Different NTRIP (Networked Transport via Internet Protocol) products available under the surveying, construction and agriculture subscription are:

Real-Time Products Mountpoint Description
Master Auxiliary Concept     MAX_RTCM3.1                              The only international Network RTK transmission standard
Individualized MAX iMAX_RTCM2.3 or iMax_RTCM3.1  Non-Physical method of corrected data from real reference stations
Nearest Site NB_RTCM2.3 or NB_RTCM3.1        Single base corrections from the nearest reference station

Assuming the standard GPS/GNSS RTK protocols are employed for maximum precision, SmartNet typically achieves an RTK rmse accuracy of 10-20mm plan and 15-30mm in height.

So whether you own a Leica Geosystems or another make of GPS/GNSS receiver you are able to gain access to the service for which ever format of corrections you desire.

*Other corrections formats are available on a limited basis, please ask your local representative for additional information

What are Static Corrections?

As an additional service to SmartNet subscribers, there is a free of charge RINEX download facility thru SmartNet SpiderWeb sites. Once you have registered and your account has been activated, you have the ability to login using your provided SmartNet License username(s) and password(s) and download the RINEX data that you need from all of our SmartNet Aus sites.

Our SpiderWeb sites also includes other information such as quality monitoring of each individual station, through our GNSS QC software and a unique coordinate computation service embedded within SpiderWeb using Leica Geo Office that allows your raw data to be processed online against the SmartNet reference stations, think of it as our version of AusPos

What does Full Access mean?

Full Access means that once you have registered and your account has been activated, you have complete access to all the suites of service provided by SmartNet Aus. You will have access to all our standard user benefits, along with access to real time correction and static corrections using the provided SmartNet License username(s) and password(s). In additional to our data services, you will also have access to our SmartNet Portal which allows you to manage your SmartNet account, re-send Rover License Information, and will soon allow you to see SmartNet usage (including per rover usage and location maps).

What extra benefits do I get with the SmartNet service?

We believe that as a network provider the user requires other value added services above and beyond the corrections themselves. All subscribers therefore have access to the following services as soon as they subscribe.

  • Full backup systems
  • SmartNet e-news
  • SmartNet newsletters
  • SmartNet user seminar
  • SmartNet Guide sheets
  • SmartNet config sets
  • SmartNet support center & email
  • Free RINEX downloads from the SmartNet web site
  • Full network quality monitoring

Where can I find out more information about SmartNet?

Please visit our Resources area (see navigation bar at top of page) or our FAQs page to find additional information on SmartNet Aus.