Our Agriculture Services

The Farm Benefits

SmartNet Aus is the perfect service for auto-steer applications in controlled traffic farming (CTF) for use in Precision Agriculture.  Using a subscription to the SmartNet Aus RTK CORS network, you do not need to have your own RTK base station, saving you the capital to purchase one.  With a network RTK CORS correction from SmartNet Aus, you will be receiving more reliable and accurate RTK DGPS/DGNSS corrections, giving you centimeter accuracy on your position in real time.  By reducing investment costs, saving time and increasing accuracy of your GPS/GNSS corrections, you will have a more productive Farm.

With your SmartNet Aus subscription, you can apply precision agriculture techniques (such as controlled traffic farming using auto-steer) in all of your tasks such as seeding, harvesting, spraying and fertilisation.


Agricultural Subscriptions

Annual Agricultural Subscriptions for all Network RTK (GPS & GLONASS) Rover Systems

SmartNet Aus has a variety of Agricultural Subscriptions available to you, including Annual and Hourly based subscriptions.  Contact your local dealer, or contact us to get signed up.


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